Giant Big Game XXVIII
Midwest vs. Great Lakes
2 Giant Teams / 600+ Players
Hosted by Splat Tag, Inc. in Hudson WI


Giant Big Game XXVIII - Scenario Paintball Game

The Giant Big Game is the largest scenario paintball game in the upper Midwest!

Giant Big Game XXVIII Details

8am Check-in starts
9am Rules and game briefing
10am Game Begins
1pm One hour break - Teams switch sides
2pm Game Resumes
5pm Game Ends
5:30pm Prizes
Location Splat Tag, Inc.
835 County Road E
Hudson, WI 54016

Entry Fee $50 day of game.
Register at Splat Tag on game day.
Co2 and HP Refills Included with Entry Fee. HP up to 4500psi
Paintballs This is an Event Paint Only game.
Graffiti - $15 for 500 & $60 for case (2000).
Redemption - $20 for 500 & $70 for case (2000).
First Strike Custom Rounds - $45 for 100 box.
Paint Grenade - $6.
Smoke Cold-burning smoke only! Must be 18 years of age or older to buy! Large smoke $10.
Prizes Prizes include: 4 Paintball Guns, HP Air Bottles, Goggles, Hoppers, Pod packs and other great prizes to be given away.
Teams Two paintball teams: The Great Lake Crusaders vs The Midwest Alliance
Rental Equipment NOTE: A Driver's License or a $200 security deposit is needed to rent paintball equipment.
Paintball Package - $20 (Includes Gun, Goggles, Air tank & Pod pack.)
Paintball gun - $10.
Goggles - $5.
Air Tank - $10.
Pod pack - $5.
Camping Free camping at Splat Tag field Saturday night before game.
More Information
Prohibited Paintball Guns over 280 f.p.s., full auto, ramping, Knives, Firearms, Flares, Rope, Wire, Portable Shields, Unbreakable Wire Trips, Laser Sights, PYROTECHNICS, ALCOHOL and DRUGS!



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