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Giant Big Game XXXIX
Midwest vs. Great Lakes
2 Giant Paintball Teams / 400+ Players
Hosted at Splat Tag Paintball Park in Hudson, WI
Join in on one of the

Biggest Paintball Games

in the upper Midwest!

On Sept 13, 2020 Splat Tag Paintball Park will combine playing courses into one giant playing field for its semi-annual Giant Big Game event! With 300-400 players battling it out on two teams, the Giant Big Game is the largest, most exciting scenario paintball game in the Minnesota and Wisconsin area! Pre-Register today and take advantage of our pre-registration discounts!


In 2026 - Four years after a massive asteroid collided with earth, destroying the entire eastern seaboard, eliminating our federal government, crippling our economy, and throwing the entire world into the chaos...

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Map of Big Game

For the Giant Big Game event, Splat Tag combines over 20 of its courses to create one giant playing field for 2 teams to battle it out in the mother of all paintball battles!

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Big Game Photos

See action photos of hundreds of players competing in Minnesota and Wisconsin's largest scenario paintball game.

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